Abstract and Concrete Behavior

by Kurt Goldstein and Martin Scheerer


First part of the introduction of:
K. Goldstein & M. Scheerer, Abstract and Concrete Behavior - An Experimental Study With Special Tests.
Psychological Monographs - Vol. 53, No. 2
Whole No. 239

.After reading this text you might be interested to read the critical discussion of Goldstein & Scheerer's concept of abstract and concrete behavior by other Gestalt psychologists:

Abraham S. Luchins & Edith H. Luchins: Rigidity of Behavior. A Variational Approach to the Effect of Einstellung. Eugene: University of Oregon Books, 1959. [Search ABE for a used copy.]

Rudolf Arnheim: Visual Thinking. University of California Press, 1969.[ Order this book now from Amazon! ]

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