About the GTA

The Society for Gestalt Theory and its Applications (GTA) is a scientific association established for the purpose of promoting the Gestalt-theoretical perspective in research and practice. It was founded in 1978, and since then has grown to include many members from European countries and throughout the world. Most of the members are psychologists and psychotherapists, but the membership also contains researchers from many other disciplines as well. (Have a look at the GTA Roll of Honor for the honorary members of the GTA).

The head office of the GTA is currently situated in Germany (address: see contact ).

Members of the board of directors of the GTA are:

  • Hellmuth Metz-Göckel ( Dortmund, Germany ) - president
  • Marianne Soff (Karlsruhe, Germany) - vice president
  • Angelika Böhm (Mistelbach, Austria) - treasurer
  • Silvia Bonacchi (Warsaw, Poland)
  • Thomas Fuchs (Bonn/Germany)

Extended board sessions of the GTA include the following advisors and spokespersons:

  • Silvia Bonacchi ( Warsaw, Poland ) - language, literature
  • Serena Cattaruzza (Trieste, Italy)
  • Herbert Fitzek (Potsdam, Germany) - co-editor of Gestalt Theory
  • Gisela Kubon-Gilke (Darmstadt, Germany) - economics
  • Jürgen Kriz ( Osnabrück, Germany ) - co-editor of Gestalt Theory
  • Christian Punzengruber-Sonntag (Vienna, Austria)
  • Jurgis Skilters (Riga, Latvia) - linguistics
  • Gerhard Stemberger ( Vienna, Austria ) – Editor of Gestalt Theory; international coordinator
  • Fiorenza Toccafondi (Parma, Italy) - Executive Editor of Gestalt Theory
  • Bettina Turi-Ostheim ( Vienna, Austria ) – theater and arts
  • Jaana Vainio-Utriainen (Helsinki, Finland) - music, arts education, musicology
  • Rosamaria Valdevit ( Munich, Germany ) - coordinator for Italy
  • Barbara Veigl-Trouvain (Vienna, Austria)