The experimental study of perception from a phenomenological perspective: from present to future

Symposium dedicated to Ugo Savardi

Macerata (Italy), 6-7 April 2022

This symposium is dedicated to Ugo Savardi who, alongside Ivana Bianchi (Università di Macerata), devoted a good deal of his time and energy to the Experimental Phenomenology of Perception Lab at the University of Verona over the last 20 years. The workshop represents a step forward in terms of the main aims of the laboratory which are to disseminate information about Experimental Phenomenology as originally outlined by Paolo Bozzi and to encourage further developments in this field. Several conferences have been organized in Italy in which the noble origins and solid foundations of Experimental Phenomenology were discussed with reference to the great maestri of the first and second generation, many of whom, unfortunately, have recently passed away.

This symposium intends to be an opportunity for joint reflections from established and fresh sources on current topics and on what the immediate future holds for the Experimental Phenomenology of Perception, especially if we widen the field to encompass other approaches and disciplines. These might be, for example, Philosophy, but also Cognitive Linguistics, the Psychology of reasoning, Experimental aesthetics, Architecture and Environmental Psychology. We want to focus on innovation and the future as this was always at the forefront of Ugo Savardi’s mind. We would like to think of this as the first of a series of meetings that might take place in the future in other universities, in Italy or abroad. We hope that it will provide opportunities to explore the connections between this approach and other perspectives and methods. The Experimental Phenomenology of Perception is not simply something of historical value. It also represents a lively and promising way of approaching research into the Psychology of Perception and Cognition, both now and in the years to come.

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