20th Scientific GTA Convention, 2017

The international Society for Gestalt Theory and its Applications
held its
20th international Gestalt Theory Convention
in April 27-29, 2017
in Vienna, Austria

Vienna Stephans Cathedral

Individual and Group
Dynamic interdependency within social situations


The theme of the conference focussed on the broad research and application of Gestalt theory in all sorts of social fields. Based on an idea of man that prioritises the social relatedness of the individual and explicitly includes epistemological and ethical aspects, and in particular in the face of new social challenges, the conference featured research results and current action plans in such fields as education, psychology and psychotherapy, the social sciences, cultural studies etc.

In its longstandig tradition the conference also provided a forum for discussing other current topics from the various different fields of research within Gestalt theory.

The languages of the conference were English and German.



The 19th international Scientific Gestalt Theory Convention of the GTA has been organized in May 21-23, 2015 in Parma (Italy)

Body, Mind, Expression

Gestalt theory is known for its holistic and context-related perspective.  The interactions between body, mind and expression provide concise examples and will be the focus of this conference.

The conference has been organized by the international Society for Gestalt Theory and its Applications (GTA) in cooperation with

The conference featured plenary lectures, workshops and poster sessions amongst others. Graduates were invited to shortly present their work in a special forum „Gestalt in progress“ (grants were available). For all participants interested an accompanying open discussion forum „sharing the conference“ has been organized.  The languages of the conference were English and German.

Conference Program
Please click here for the preliiminary program (version of 12-04-2015)

Conference fee was:

230 € (for GTA-members: 200 €) 

Students did not have to pay the conference fee but were asked to register.

Program Committee:Fiorenza Toccafondi (Parma; president of the committee); Tiziano Agostini (Trieste), Anna Arfelli Galli (Macerata), Ivana Bianchi (Macerata), Silvia Bonacchi (Warschau), Jagna Brudzinska (Köln), Nicola Bruno (Parma), Serena Cattaruzza (Trieste), Beatrice Centi (Parma), Herbert Fitzek (Berlin), Thomas Fuchs (Bonn), Giuseppe Galli (Macerata), Walter Gerbino (Trieste), Thomas Heill-Zusanek (Wien), Riccardo Luccio (Trieste), Hellmuth Metz-Goeckel (Dortmund), Marianne Soff (Karlsruhe), Gerhard Stemberger (Berlin-Wien), Elena Trombini (Bologna), Rosamaria Valdevit (München), Giorgio Vallortigara (Trento).