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Upon multiple requests the deadline for submissions on Call for Papers “GESTALT PSYCHOLOGY AND GERMAN PHILOSOPHY” to Gestalt Theory has been extended: the new deadline is June 30th, 2018

Also the theme has been broadened to include a wider array of philosophical traditions. The new title of the call for papers is “GESTALT PSYCHOLOGY AND PHILOSOPHY”.

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Article Submissions & Editorial Questions / Einreichungen und redaktionelle Anfragen

Dr. Bettina TURI-OSTHEIM  
(Assistant to Editors, Vienna)

Editors / HerausgeberInnen

Fiorenza Toccafondi  
Executive Editor / Geschäftsführende Herausgeberin 
(Parma, Italy)
Herbert Fitzek  
(Berlin, Germany)
Jürgen Kriz  
(Osnabrück, Germany)
Gerhard Stemberger  
(Vienna, Austria / Berlin, Germany)
Hans-Jürgen P. Walter  
(Biedenkopf, Germany)
Tiziano Agostini  
(Trieste, Italy)