Gestalt Archive 1910-1933

Max Wertheimer (1924) - Gestalt Theory

What is Gestalt theory and what does it intend? Gestalt theory was the outcome of concrete investigations in psychology, logic, and epistemology. The prevailing situation at the time of its origin may be briefly sketched as follows. We go from the world of everyday events to that of science, and not unnaturally assume that in making this transition ...

Erich M. von Hornbostel (1927) - The Unity of the Senses

For the deaf there is no music. The obvious must always be suspect; we should question it - at least a little, tentatively - asking, Why is it so ?
A dancer had a dance, "The Lily". Her humanity vanished in the high waving chalice of her veil, a deep violet faded away in spirals, ....

Wolfgang Metzger (1928) - Certain Implications in the Concept of Gestalt

It is well-nigh impossible to present a new idea without arousing a great variety of misunderstandings, for the clothing of a new idea in words is like the putting of new wine into old bottles. ...

Kurt Koffka (1928) - On the Structure of the Unconscious

Originally published in: The Unconscious. A Symposium, (1928), New York: Alfred A. Knopf, pp. 43-68.
The concept of the unconscious plays a fundamental part in many psychological systems, although as its very name indicates it is defined more by what it is not than by what it is. ...

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