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Georges Meurant, Belgian painter, born 1948

Four paintings of Georges Meurant
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More paintings:
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On his paintings and the connection of his art to Gestalt theory:

Some connections of Georges Meurant's work to Gestalt theory were first pointed out by the French art theorist Jean Guiraud (1929-2009) in1994 (The Figure-Field). In 2012 the Italian arts psychologist Alberto Argenton and the Japanese psychologist Akiyoshi Kitaoka (specialized in visual perception and visual illusions) commented on this topic. The Austrian psychotherapist Gerhard Stemberger (Gestalt Theoretical Psychotherapy) has investigated the effects of looking at Meurant's paintings reported by people suffering from various mental problems (research report 2020 in German language, see last entry on this page).

Georges Meurant:
2012: Painting a «perpetuum mobile»

Jean Guiraud:
1994: The Figure-Field. Looking at Georges Meurant’s paintings
2000: Untitled Postface for Georges Meurant, Dynamic Gaps
2003: Active Paintings
2004: Untitled (Galerie Léon Keuninckx)
2009: Transparences, transpositions, transmutations

Alberto Argenton, Padova/Italy:
2012: Comments on Meurant's paintings and Guiraud's analysis

Akiyoshi Kitaoka, Kyoto/Japan:
2012: Some ideas about the art of Georges Meurant

Gerhard Stemberger, Vienna/Austria:
2020: Psychische Wirkungen des Erlebens von Gemälden von Georges Meurant – Eine Untersuchung im klinischen Kontext [Psychic effects of experiencing Georges Meurant’s paintings – an investigation under clinical conditions]