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Symposium 100 Years Gestalt Psychology

28.-29.9.2012 | Helsinki: Publication of the lectures.

GTA Symposium 100 Years Gestalt Psychology
28. - 29. 9. 2012 | Helsinki (Finland)

GTA Symposium 100 Years Gestalt Psychology

The scientific symposium of the Finnish Society for Natural Philosophy (LFS) [Hyperlink http://lfs.fi] and the Society for Gestalt Theory and its Applications (GTA) took place in Helsinki in September 2012. The lectures of this symposium will be published before long on the website of the LFS and in issue 1/2013 of GTA's journal Gestalt Theory.

Friday 28.9.2012 LFS 09:00-20:00

- Eino Kaila and Gestalt Theory in Finland (Ikka Niiniluoto, Professor of Theoretical Philosophy, Chancellor of the University of Helsinki)
- Understanding the World through a General Theory of Observation (Prof. Göte Nyman)
- Gestalts in Linguistics (Prof. Urpo Nikanne)
- "Is Musical Language Based on Gestalts?" (Prof. Eero Tarasti)
- Gestalts in Pattern Recognition and Computer Vision (Prof. Jauko Lampinen)
- Gestalt Psychology in Context (PhD Manu Jääskeläinen)
- Gestalts in Architecture (Dos. Tarkko Oksala)
- Gestalting Structures in Physics (Tkt Tuomo Suntola)
- Gestalts, Concepts and Consciousness (Tkt Viljo Martikainen)

Saturday 29.9.2012 GTA 09:00-19:00
Chairpersons: Prof. Silvia Bonacchi (GTA, Poland), Dr. Thomas Fuchs (GTA, Germany), Prof. Fiorenza Toccafondi (GTA, Italy), PhD H. Siemsen (Germany)

- Welcome Lecture: Prof. A. Korppi-Tommola TSV Finland
- Gestalt Theory 100 Years: Prof. Hellmuth Metz-Göckel (GTA, Germany), PhD Jaana Vainio-Utriainen (GTA, Finland), Prof. Kai Karma (Finland), Prof. Jukka Louhivuori (Finland)
- Prof. Riccardo Luccio (Italy): Music of the Veddas
- Piano Concert: MA. Esa Ylönen (Finland)
- Gestalt Theory in Education: Dr. Marianne Soff (GTA, Germany), Prof. emer. K. Kurki-Suonio (Finland)
- Gestalt Theory in Arts and Culture: Prof. Herbert Fitzek (GTA, Germany); Prof. P. von Bonsdorff (Finland)
- Gestalt Theory in Psychotherapy: Dr. Gerhard Stemberger (GTA, Austria); Psychoth. MA. M. Lounela (Finland)
- Gestalt Theory - Further Applications: Prof. Ray Pavloski (GTA, USA); Dr. K. Schwarzfischer (GTA, Germany)