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Essentials of Gestalt Theoretical Psychotherapy GTP

Essentials of Gestalt Theoretical Psychotherapy

Edited by Gerhard Stemberger

Co-authored by
Doris Beneder
Angelika Böhm
Thomas Fuchs
Bernadette Lindorfer
Edward Ragsdale
Gerhard Stemberger
Katharina Sternek
Giancarlo & Elena Trombini
Andrzej Zuczkowski

184 pages; print edition: 14,00 Euro; E-Book 9,99 Euro
Contents, overview, and introduction

Info and ordering: in the BoD-Bookshop


Michael Wertheimer

Facets of an Academic’s Life

A Memoir

Reviewed by Viktor Sarris: Review

Reviewed by Hellmuth Metz-Göckel: Review






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Max Wertheimer

Productive Thinking

edited by Viktor Sarris

E-Book and Hardcover

New Edition 2020 of the Gestalt psychology classic

ISBN 978-3-030-36063-4 (E-Book)

ISBN 978-3-030-36062-7 (Hardcover)