Wolfgang Metzger Award 2024

This award is named after Wolfgang Metzger, student of Max Wertheimer and one of the leading members of the second generation of the Berlin Gestalt School.

Applicants for the Metzger Award 2024 must submit a scientific paper (in English or German) inspired by Gestalt theory. The paper must contribute to the research or the application of Gestalt theory in the natural sciences, humanities, social and economic sciences as well as other fields. Hence, the paper could deal with a subject from psychology, philosophy, education, medicine, arts, architecture, linguistics, musicology or other fields of research or application of research as long as it is inspired by a Gestalt theoretical approach.

Since 1999 the Wolfgang Metzger Award is granted by the board of directors of the GTA based on an international public award contest and a screening and review of the submissions by an international scientific Award Committee.

Members of the Award Committee 2024 are: Hellmuth Metz-Göckel (Dortmund/FRG; chair), Geert-Jan Boudewijnse (Montreal/Canada), Silvia Bonacchi (Warsaw/Poland), Serena Cattaruzza (Trieste, Italy), Baingio Pinna (Sassari/Italy)

The first prize winner will receive € 1000 and will be invited as the award speaker to the 23nd International Scientific Convention of the GTA in autumn 2024 in Milano. The paper will be published in the international multidisciplinary journal Gestalt Theory (https://content.sciendo.com/view/journals/gth/gth-overview.xml) in the submitted version or in an adapted form.

Submissions for the Metzger Award 2024 are due by the end of November 2023

The submission must be sent as a Word or a PDF document to the Metzger Award committee at: metzger-award@gestalttheory.net.